Terminal Hembra para uso con Conectores de automoción 20-22 awg

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TE Connectivity SUPERSEAL Series 1.5 Tab and Receptacle Contacts

From TE Connectivity, this range of tab and receptacle style crimp contacts are for use with the SUPERSEAL series of automotive wire connectors. The SUPERSEAL crimp contacts utilise a 2-step positive lock when the contact is inserted into housing, and can maintain an IP67 sealing if used in conjunction with appropriate wire seals (see stock number 314-1176.)

The crimp contacts in this range are constructed from tin plated brass for the tabs and tin plated phosphor bronze for the receptacles.

The range also includes appropriate tooling.

368-4500 (9-1579007-1) para los contactos hembra y de terminal Faston SUPER-SEAL 1.5
368-4516 (785084-1) para SUPER-SEAL 1.5 (bloqueo secundario de conector Faston), consulte el código RS 314-1182 típico
La herramienta de extracción 1 extrae el contacto de su ubicación principal, la herramienta de extracción 2 extrae el contacto del bloqueo secundario.

368-4500 (9-1579007-1) for the SUPER-SEAL 1.5; Tab and Receptacle Contacts
368-4516 (785084-1) for SUPER-SEAL 1.5 (secondary lock of TAB Connector), see stock number 314-1182 typical
• Extraction tool 1 removes the contact from its primary location, extraction tool 2 removes the contact from the secondary lock.

TE Connectivity 183035-1 Crimp Receptacle

The TE Connectivity 183035-1 is a receptacle and tab contact from the AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5mm series. This rugged and reliable connector is ideal for use in harsh environments. For example, engine mounting and under-bonnet in automotive applications. It is also suitable for powertrain systems, security systems and body/chassis systems.
The 183035-1 contact is for wire-to-wire connections and is compatible with wires from 0.35 to 0.5mm² (21-20 AWG). It is made from a quality tin-plated bronze.

Looking for a crimp tool?
The 183035-1 is compatible with the 539635-1 Hand Tool Frame (459-6252).

What crimp type does it use?
The 183035-1 uses an F-Crimp crimp type.

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