Adaptador RS PRO, Conector A Hembra VGA

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RS PRO Mini VGA Adapter, Socket to Socket

From RS PRO, this mini VGA to VGA adaptor is designed to facilitate a connection between two female Video Graphics Array connectors. VGA connectors are often used in computer monitor connections, and so can be used to join two cables together.

This 15 pin mini VGA socket to socket adaptor is extra-flat for space-saving applications. With durable and quality construction, this adapter assures excellent connection from either cable to device or cable to cable. Like many VGA connectors, it features integrated thumb screws for a stable and secure connection to VGA plugs.

Features and Benefits

• Socket to socket VGA adapter
• Space saving design
• Robust construction


This mini VGA socket adapter can be used with corresponding VGA plugs and VGA cable assemblies. It can be used free-standing as a cable to cable extender, or used in a device or rack. VGA connectors are still widely used in many device graphic cards, and as such this adapter might be used for;

• Custom office setups
• PC gaming
• Professional multimedia presentation


RS PRO provides high-quality cables, connectors, and adapters to meet any need. With vigorous in-house testing of all our products, RS PRO aims to be your vendor of choice when reliability and affordability are a must.

Whether you're fitting out a modern office or customizing a multimedia solution, RS Pro is with you every step of the way.

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