Cable de Alimentación RS PRO, 2 núcleos, funda de Cloruro de polivinilo PVC, Negro, 5.06mm DE, 300 V, 500 V, H03VV-F,

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Cable de dos hilos H03VV-F 2182Y

Un cable de red flexible de dos núcleos diseñado para cumplir los estándares H03VV-F/2182Y.

Características y ventajas

Cable flexible multifilar con dos hilos conductores finos de cobre Cubierta de PVC
Aislamiento de PVC
Temperatura de cortocircuito: 160 °C (máx. 5 sn.)


Diversas aplicaciones domésticas Para su uso en los casos con bajo esfuerzo mecánico
Para uso en zonas cubiertas, secas o húmedas

A mains power cable connects an appliance to a mains electricity supply through the use of a wall socket or an extension lead which will then be plugged into a mains supply.

Cable Construction

This flexible power cable consists of cores made up of fine IEC 60228 Class 5 stranded copper conductors or wires. Each individual core is surrounded by colour coded PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulation for easy identification of the wires. Both the cores are then surrounded by a final outer layer of PVC called a sheath or jacket.

What Does H03VV-F Mean?

H03VV-F cable is a type of harmonised cable which means it belongs to the Harmonised Reference System and conforms to the European Harmonisation Standard. This purpose of this standard is to improve standards and quality of cables across Europe to ensure the trade of a common standard product.

H03VV-F is the code for this harmonised cable which breaks down into the following:

• H = Harmonised
• 03 = 300 V voltage rating
• V = PVC insulation
• V = PVC sheath
• F = Flexible copper conductors

Benefits of PVC Insulated Mains Cable

The PVC insulation and sheath of this mains power cable has the following properties:

• Low cost
• Excellent insulation properties
• Flexible
• Stable, robust and durable
• Oil resistant

Where are These Cables Used?

These PVC flexible cables are designed for use in light duty domestic and office electrical wiring applications and as general supply leads. This cable should be used on appliances that are indoors or in a covered, dry or humid area and is best used where the potential for mechanical stresses and mechanical damage is low. This cable should not be used with electrical cooking or heating apparatus. Applications include portable appliances in office and domestic environments such as table and standard lamps and small electronic appliances.

Atributo Valor
Número de Núcleos 2
Área Transversal 0,5 mm²
Color de la Funda Negro
Corriente Nominal 3 A
Longitud 100
Tensión Nominal 300 V, 500 V
Diámetro Externo 5.06mm
Material de la Funda Cloruro de polivinilo PVC
Tipo 2182Y
Máxima Temperatura de funcionamiento +70°C
Tipo de Conductor Multifilar
Código armonizado H03VV-F
Resistencia del Conductor 39 Ω/km
Material de Aislamiento PVC
Cumple con los Estándares Euroclass Eca
Material Conductor Cobre
American Wire Gauge AWG 20 AWG
134 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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(exc. IVA)
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38,99 €
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