Cable en Espiral Lapp 70002699, long. 500mm, 5 núcleos, área transversal 1,5 mm² , funda de Poliuretano PUR, Gris

  • Código RS 451-6789
  • Nº ref. fabric. 70002699
  • Fabricante Lapp
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COO (País de Origen): DE
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SPIREX® ÖLFLEX® 400P coiled cord

From Lapp, this Spirex Olflex series multi-core cable is a versatile solution in cable management for industrial environments. With excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, the cable is suitable for robust applications in challenging conditions.

The primary feature of the Spirex Olflex cable is its flexible coiled shape. The 'curly cord' is able to extend to three times it's non-extended length, which makes it ideal for portable applications and moving machinery. The fact that the cable coils back to its original shape after stretching means there is less chance of dragging and tangling, resulting in less wear and tear.

The fine strand multicore cable has a PUR sheath which is resistant to abrasion and notching. This durable insulation ensures maximum protection over a long use life.

Features and Benefits

• Resistant to microbes and hydrolysis
• Resistance to a variety of mineral oils
• Resistance to diluted acids and aqueous alkaline solutions
• High chemical-resistance to benzols and benzenes
• Abrasion resistant
• UV resistant
• Operating temperature range when moving: +5 °C to +50 °C
• Nominal voltage: 300 / 500 V


The robust nature of the Spirex Olflex makes it ideal for use in arduous conditions. This versatile cable is often used in;

• Power Management
• Mechanical engineering
• Automation and control


Core in accordance with VDE 0812/0285, sheath in accordance with VDE 0250/0285, conductor construction in accordance with VDE 0295//5

Atributo Valor
Número de Núcleos 5
Longitud 500mm
Área Transversal 1,5 mm²
Tensión Nominal 500 V
Color de la Funda Gris
Diámetro de Bobina 33mm
Longitud Extensible 1.25m
Material de la Funda Poliuretano PUR
Número de Hilos 30
Diámetro Externo 8.1mm
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Mínima -5°C
Máxima Temperatura de funcionamiento +50°C
Material Conductor Cobre Desnudo
Material de Aislamiento PVC
Filamentos del Núcleo 30 / 30
Forma del Cable Multiconductor
Tamaño de los Hilos 30 AWG
25 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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65,63 €