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Cable HDLock con cable HDMI con conector de bloqueo RS Pro

This RS PRO 5M HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) Cable is a Male to Male Ethernet cable is gold plated and designed to lock the connectors for a more secure connection, but is easily disengaged. Supporting high-quality video and audio with 24k gold plated copper contacts that resist corrosion and an optimum connection. HDMI cables that are of higher grade or thicker cables have a tendency of falling out of the socket. This cable is able to attach to the chassis, meaning it can provide a more secure connection without being loose or unplugged.
The HDMI cable is ideal for use with 4K Ultra HD TV.

What is HDMI Ethernet Cable?
This HDMI cable is designed to support high quality of 1080P which includes supporting 4K Ultra HD resolutions and 3D movies. This cable comes with the HDMI Ethernet Channel that's used for networking purposes and make it possible to share an internet connection through the HDMI link without the need to have a separate Ethernet cable.
Our RS PRO range of HDMI cables have been rigorously tested to ensure that you have a reliable and robust lead to suit various applications. HDMI leads can be used with any compatible HDMI device within both industrial and residential installations making them ideal for homes, offices and schools.
HDMI cables are essential for any HDTV, home theatre entertainment system, game consoles and Blu-ray players. RS PRO offers a selection of HDMI cable types including standard, standard with Ethernet and high-speed HDMI cable.

Features and Benefits

·2.0 V with Ethernet and Audio return channel
·2 Latch Locking connector – prevents the plug from coming loose or undone
·24k gold plated copper contacts for corrosion resistance
·ALMG triple shield 100%
·RoHS soft black PVC jacket
·4k Ultra HD

Typical Applications

Computer Monitors
Digital Broadcasting
Blu-Ray Players
Gaming Consoles


Why is HDMI Superior?

HDMI cables eliminate the need for a number of cables for both video and audio. The latest versions of HDMI can handle the transfer speed that’s required by today's video application, such as 4K and 3D HD signals. HDMI cables have been designed so that you won't need to buy a new cable with newer equipment that features a newer version of HDMI.

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