Cinta de aluminio 3M 3M T117019, Antiestáticas, anch. 19mm, long. 16m, 35N/cm

  • Código RS 885-5154
  • Nº ref. fabric. T117019
  • Fabricante 3M
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Estado RoHS: No cumple
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3M™ EMI Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape 1170, 19m x 16,5m

The 3M 1170 is a conductive and smooth Aluminium foil tape featuring an acrylic adhesive and an easy to apply 2 mm soft aluminium foil backing. Its used for point to point electrical contacts, EMI/RFI shielding, grounding and static charge draining. The Aluminium foil backing is secured by a pressure sensitive adhesive and lining. This tape can be used to replace copper as an alternative conductive backing material.


The soft aluminium of the 3M 1170 Foil Tape uses highly conductive particles in the pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive to provide a number of electrical paths. The acrylic adhesive allows the tape to adhere well to many surfaces including woods, metals and plastics. The 3M 1170 tape has great resistance to heat, oxidation, solvent and oils.

Features and Benefits

Soft aluminium foil backing for good shielding effectiveness and converting

Designed for applications requiring reliable point-to-point electrical contact

The removable liner makes it easy to handle and die cut complex shapes

Breaking strength of 20 lb/in

UL recognized flame-retardancy per UL 510 for applications needing this property.

Benefits of choosing 3M Aluminium Foil Tape

Hot and cold temperature versatility. 3M foil tape works in temperatures to which other tapes can diminish. Performing in cold conditions allows this 3M tape to be a market leader, as other tapes see the adhesive harden and begin to lose sticking strength. On the contrary, extreme heat can melt adhesives of tapes, but not the 3M foil tape making it versatile for most applications. The temperature range is -40ºC to 130ºC.

An Acrylic Adhesive backing. This 3M Aluminium foil tape is coated in a superior acrylic adhesive, which works well in extreme cold and heat conditions. This matters when comparing to most duct tapes that are made with a rubber adhesive. This is then known to delaminate from its backing in these extreme conditions. Other adhesives can offer greater resistance but will lack mechanical strength, poor ageing resistance and UV light.

Longevity of foil tape. Within the construction industry, the use of pressure sensitive tapes is often used in hard to reach areas. This means they can't be easily replaced or repaired. The acrylic adhesive on the 3M aluminium foil tape offers better cohesion, adhesion and thermal properties.

No existe factor de corrosión electrolítico asociado con estos productos.

Atributo Valor
Grosor Total 0.08mm
Grosor de Hoja de Aluminio 0.05mm
Anchura 19mm
Longitud 16m
Fuerza de Adhesión 3.8 N/cm
Material Adhesivo Acrílico
Fuerza de Tensión 35N/cm
Conductividad Antiestáticas
Temperatura Máxima de Resistencia +130°C
Temperatura Mínima de Resistencia -40°C
Número de modelo 3M T117019
5 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio Unidad
Antes 70,40 €
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
1 - 5
56,14 €
6 - 14
53,89 €
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52,77 €