Circuito de encendido de RF HMC545AE, 19dB aislamiento SOT-26 6 pines 3GHz

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Automotive telematics
Telecom infrastructure
Military and space
Portable wireless
Test and measurement equipment

The HMC545A and HMC545AE are low-cost SPDT switches in 6-lead SOT26 plastic packages for use in general switching applications which require very low insertion loss and very small size. With 0.25 dB typical loss, these devices can control signals from DC to 3.0 GHz and are especially suited for IF and RF applications including Cellular/3G, ISM, automotive and portables. The design provides exceptional insertion loss performance, ideal for filter and receiver switching. RF1 and RF2 are reflective shorts when “Off”. The two control voltages require a minimal amount of DC current and offer compatibility with CMOS and some TTL logic families.

Low Insertion Loss: 0.27 dB
High Input IP3: +54 dBm
Low DC Power Consumption
Positive Control: 0/+3V to 0/+8V
Ultra Small Package: SOT26
The HMC545A / HMC545AE is ideal for:
Cellular/3G Infrastructure
Private Mobile Radio Handsets
Automotive Telematics
Test Equipment

Atributo Valor
Pérdida de Inserción Máxima 0.7dB
Aislamiento Mínimo 19dB
Velocidad de Conmutación 70ns
Número de Interruptores 1
Tipo de Montaje Montaje superficial
Tipo de Encapsulado SOT-26
Conteo de Pines 6
Dimensiones 3 x 1.7 x 1.3mm
Longitud 3mm
Ancho 1.7mm
Altura 1.3mm
Frecuencia Máxima 3GHz
Frecuencia Mínima 1GHz
Tensión de Alimentación de Funcionamiento Mínima 0 V
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Mínima -40 °C
Tensión de Alimentación Máxima de Funcionamiento 3 V, 8 V
Temperatura Máxima de Funcionamiento +85 °C
100 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio unitario (Suministrado en Tiras de 50)
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
Per Tape**
50 - 50
2,404 €
120,20 €
100 - 450
2,276 €
113,80 €
500 - 950
1,924 €
96,20 €
1000 +
1,794 €
89,70 €
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