Conector D-sub RS PRO, 9, 2.77mm, Recta, Montaje en Panel, Hembra, 500 V ac, 5A

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Certificado de conformidad RoHS
COO (País de Origen): TW
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Conector macho y hembra recto

From RS PRO a durable D-Subminiature connector with a robust steel shell, relaible machined contacts and solder cup terminations that allow the easy connection of wires. These D-sub connectors are ideal for use for making I/O (input/output) interconnections in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Conectores con contactos mecanizados
Cumple con BS9523, F0010 y F0018
Tipos con cilindro de soldadura con muescas para una buena continuidad a tierra en la carcasa de conector macho garantizan protección frente a RFI/EMI

What is a D-Sub Connector?

A D-Sub connector is a popular type of I/O (input/output) connects that is commonly used in the computer and datacoms industry to provide power and point-to-point communications between two devices such as a computer and a monitor. The d-sub contains two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets surrounded by a D-shaped metal shell which provides mechanical support and ensures the correct orientation is used when mating. These d-subs are available as female D-sub sockets (or d-sub receptacles) with female contacts or male D-sub plugs with male pin contacts. The socket style female connector mates with the plug style male connector. Please note that a D-sub with a plastic shell cannot be mated with a D-sub with a metal shell.

Features and Benefits

• Robust design
• Durable tin plated steel shell
• Dimples on the shell (plugs only) for improved electrical conductivity
• Reliable gold plated machined contacts
• Flanges with for mounting holes for screw mounting to a panel
• Solder cup terminations for simple wire connection


This d-sub connector with its robust design and high reliability can be used in communications and network ports in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Applications include the following:

• Computers, monitors and scanners
• Networking and communications equipment
• Data processing equipment
• Industrial equipment
• Test and measurement instrumentation
• Remote sensors and data loggers
• Portable electric generation equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you terminate the wires into the connector?

These d-subs feature solder cups which are hollow cup-like cavities into which the wire is inserted and secured by soldering. Firstly make sure the connector is held securely while working on it. Strip the ends of each wire using the depth of solder cups to gauge how much insulation you need to remove. Tin the exposed wire strands with a soldering iron and partially fill the solder cup with solder. Apply a soldering iron to the edge of the cup allowing the solder to melt. Insert the end of the tinned wire into the cup and hold it in place until the solder becomes solid. If the wire gauge is large enough to support itself in the cup place it in the cup and feed in the solder whilst applying the soldering iron to the back of the cup.

How do you mount these connectors?

These d-subs are designed to be panel mounted. A hole is cut in the panel which is determined by the panel cut-out dimensions of the plug or socket. Two mounting flanges either side of the connector incorporate mounting holes. Holes are drilled into the panel to align with these mounting holes. The connector is then inserted into the panel cut-out and secured in place by inserting screws through the holes in both the connector and panel.

Material de la carcasa Acero
Acabado de la carcasa Estañado
  Pasivación en amarillo
Material aislante Poliéster reforzado con fibra de vidrio
Clasificación del aislante UL 94 V-0
Material de los contactos Aleación de cobre
Chapado de los contactos 0,1 μm de oro
Corriente nominal 5A
Tensión nominal 500 Vac rms
Resistencia de contacto (máx.) 10 mΩ
Resistencia de aislamiento (mín.) 5 x 103
Rango de temperaturas -55 °C a +125 °C
Ciclos de inserción 150



Atributo Valor
Número de Contactos 9
Género Hembra
Tipo de conector D Estándar
Tamaño de carcasa D-Sub E
Tipo de Montaje Montaje en Panel
Orientación del Cuerpo Recta
Material de la Carcasa Acero
Tensión Nominal 500 Vac
Método de Terminación Soldadura
Valor Nominal de Corriente 5A
Revestimiento del Contacto Oro
Material de la carcasa Acero estañado
Material del Contacto Aleación de Cobre
Paso 2.77mm
Longitud 30.81mm
Anchura 10.85mm
Profundidad 12.55mm
Dimensiones 30.81 x 10.85 x 12.55mm
Temperatura Máxima de Funcionamiento +105°C
Temperatura Mínima de Funcionamiento -55°C
290 Entrega en 24 horas
5640 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio unitario (Suministrado en múltiplos de 5)
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
Por Pack*
5 - 120
1,782 €
8,91 €
125 - 370
1,632 €
8,16 €
375 - 995
1,456 €
7,28 €
1000 - 1995
1,12 €
5,60 €
2000 +
1,016 €
5,08 €
*precio indicativo