Controlador de bomba de proceso Tele G2ASMA20, 250 Vac

  • Código RS 182-9996
  • Nº ref. fabric. G2ASMA20
  • Fabricante Tele
Documentación Técnica
Legislación y Conformidad
Certificado de conformidad RoHS
COO (País de Origen): AT
Datos del Producto

Pump control, Alternating/parallel

Alternated access of two pumps or other devices
Even distribution of duty
Parallel duty at high demand
Operation using 1 or 2 input signals (two modes of operation)
Timing offset of the two loads to avoid water hammer effcects
Supply voltage selectable via TR2 power modules
2 separate change over relays for device control
Width 22.5mm
Industrial design
Two pumps are installed at a sewage pumping station that are to be run alternately for equal periods to ensure equal wear.
The pump switchover system activates the pumps alternately, if needed, the second pump can also be activated so that both run at the same time (parallel operation)
Equal wear, and therefore longer service intervals for both pumps
Minimised pump failures through nearly equal number of operating hours
Peak load coverage
Zero-voltage safety in the event of power failures
Centrifugal Pumps
Sewage Pumps
Water & Waste

Atributo Valor
Tensión de Alimentación 250 V ac
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