Correa de estiba RS PRO, long. 4m, Gancho con Garra, prof. 45mm, 1200kg

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Correas para sujeción de carga

Correas para sujeción de carga para aplicaciones, incluidas aplicaciones para el uso en remolques, camiones y como correas para sujeción de palés.

Features and Benefits

Correas fabricadas de poliéster
Resistencia alta a la abrasión
Equipadas con garfios y hebillas

What is a ratchet strap?

A ratchet strap is a tie-down strap which is designed to contain and tie goods or equipment. Using a ratchet, they are tightened and strapped down to create a secure and reliable fastening on the target. Ratchet straps are commonly used as tie-down fittings within the following applications:

• Pallets carrying heavy-duty goods
• Steel beams or RSJs
• Large amounts of wooden logs
• Crates of equipment or goods ready for travel

How do these ratchet straps work?

These strappings are load bearing fasteners, meaning they are able to hold down heavy goods on the backs of trailers or on pallets. A ratchet is then used to tighten down the webbing or strap. These particular straps use a claw hook, meaning a claw shape hook wraps around the end buckle to grasp a strong connection.

How reliable are these straps?

RS Stock Numbers 729-3105 & 729-3114 have a breaking capacity of 1200 kg, ensuring a strong connection will remain unless that weight limit is succeeded.

729-3117, made of webbing, has a breaking capacity of 600 kg. More useful in lighter weight bearing applications, but will still provide excellent quality.

Atributo Valor
Racores de Extremo Gancho con Garra
Longitud 4m
Anchura 45mm
Tensión de Ruptura 1200kg
Material PET
521 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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(exc. IVA)
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16,22 €