Cubierta de iluminación TE Connectivity 2-2311664-1 para uso con Area Lighting Fixtures, LED Outdoor Roadway, Street,

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TE Connectivity’s (TE) 76 mm and 81 mm diameter photo control base assemblies with sleeves and covers in varying heights, provide a total power and signal interface between the photo control and dimming receptacle. This interface can be used in applications such as LED outdoor roadway, street and area lighting fixtures. The base assembly solution includes power twist lock terminals, spring leaf signal terminals and a separately packaged foam gasket. When coupled with the 5-VA rated cover or in combination with side or topside aperture opening coloured sleeves.

Achieve long term reliability using TE’s proven power and signal interface
Translucent covers allow transmission of daylight to the light sensing device
Achieve protection against dust and heavy jet spray
Sleeves are designed with side or topside aperture openings to accommodate directional light sensing devices
Outdoor roadway and street lighting
Parking lots
Pathway and trails

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Para Uso Con Area Lighting Fixtures, LED Outdoor Roadway, Street
Anchura del Producto 76
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