Disco abrasivo de Cerámica, Arena P120, 76mm, 10000rpm

  • Código RS 910-7967
  • Nº ref. fabric. FN520002638
  • Fabricante 3M
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Estado RoHS: No aplica
COO (País de Origen): US
Datos del Producto

Scotch-Brite™ Shaft Mounted Bristle Disc BB-ZS, 76 mm, P120

The Scotch Brite™ Bristle disc offers a high degree of flexibility and durability. The plastic moulded disc is mounted on a spindle, made from plastic and filled with a 3M™ Cubitron™ abrasive grain. The bristle disc allows for a uniformed finish more efficiently, by working harder and faster than traditional abrasives without sacrificing quality.

Unique Construction

The unique construction of the Scotch-Brite™ disc is made up of bristles, which are extruded. Consisting of a P120 grade the fine abrasion makes it great for preparation and cleaning surfaces. The bristles of these discs allow easy access to details, grooves, patterns and intricate areas.


The Scotch Brite™ Bristle disc allows for easy adaptation to a profiled surface. These have been designed to last longer than wire brushes and other abrasive discs. The abrasive standards are kept constant throughout its lifespan. This is because of the abrasive build up is throughout the whole product, so no matter how many times you use it, you will get a consist quality performance.

Working Safely

The BB-ZS bristle disc is safer to use than traditional discs, such as wire brushes where wire strands could cause a safety risk. Removing the risk of using solvent or chemical substances and using the Scotch Brite™ bristle discs reduces the risk of serious injuries.

Features and Benefits

Most flexible version with C-shaped bristles (Type C) for particularly demanding workpieces

Finished shaft construction (6 mm) allows immediate use without additional accessories and allows quick tool change

Ideal for cleaning and light deburring applications

Constant and consistent results throughout the discs lifetime

Work harder and faster than traditional abrasives without sacrifice to the finish quality

Use on grinder or flexible shaft without additional accessories

Typical Applications

The bristle disc is capable of:

Removing paint, rust, harden adhesives, light scratches and weld burns and more.

It's great for smoothing, polishing and cleaning.

Working on concrete, natural stone, wood and plastics.


What type of machine can you use these discs on?

The shank can be connected to can fit into power drills, angle grinders, air grinders and other power tools.

Will this damage the subject to be worked on?

These are mainly used for working on metals, so the innovative design of the soft bristles won't remove any metal, just the removal of any surface layers.

Atributo Valor
Diámetro de Disco 76mm
Material Abrasivo Cerámica
Dimensión de Diámetro Interior 6mm
Tamaño de Arena P120
Velocidad Máxima de Seguridad 10000rpm
Serie Scotch-Brite™
Modelo BB-ZS
4 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
13 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
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24,64 €