Camilla tipo canastilla RS PRO, Carga Máxima 272kg, alt. 180 mm, long. 2.19m, anch. 640mm

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Estado RoHS: No aplica
COO (País de Origen): CN
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The Economy Basket Stretcher is ideal for challenging rescue situations such as industrial, mining or construction work sites. The Stretcher has four patient restraining straps and holds casualty securely in place during evacuation. Made of high density polythene shell with a stainless steel outer frame the stretcher can load up to 272 kg.

Prevent any casualty movement during transit
Immobilising stretcher holds casualty securely in place during evacuation
High density polythene shell
Stainless steel outer frame
Moulded runners

Atributo Valor
Carga máxima 272kg
Altura 180 mm
Longitud: 2.19m
Ancho 640mm
2 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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727,80 €