Juego de extractores de tornillos Stanley Proto 69X00, 10 piezas

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Proto® Bolt Extractor Socket Set

This 10 piece bolt extractor socket set makes it easy to remove rusted, rounded or damaged nuts and bolts. These professional tools are designed to provide an efficient method for extracting machine screws, studs, cap screws and other types of threaded fasteners that have been partially destroyed preventing their normal removal.

Features and Benefits:

• Working end has 18-30 teeth in a hexagonal configuration to help grip rounded hexagonal fasteners, round head bolts and pen head screws
• Low profile design helps gain access to fasteners in tight spaces
• Non-working end can be turned with wrenches or sockets- can be used in combination with other drive tools such as extensions or universal joints
• Through hole design helps gain access to fasteners at the end of long bolts or studs
• Can be used on fractional or metric fasteners
• 3/8" Drive size

Typical Applications:

Screw and bolt extractors are tools designed for extracting broken screws, nuts and bolts that have been damaged preventing their normal removal. Extractors are made from extra hard steel that allows for drilling or hammering extractors into a screw and further removing by turning with a wrench. Screw and bolt extractors are commonly used by:

Machine Service Specialists
DIY enthusiasts

What is supplied?

This set contains the following:
7 mm, 1/4", 9/32"
8 mm, 5/16"
9 mm, 11/32"
10 mm
11 mm, 7/16"
12 mm
13 mm, 1/2"
14 mm, 9/16"
15 mm, 16 mm, 5/8"

Extractores de Espárragos, Tornillos, Empaquetaduras y Juntas

Atributo Valor
Número de Piezas 10
Contenido del Juego 7 mm a 1/4 a 9/32 plg; 3 a 3/4 plg; 1 5/16 plg; 7 plg; 0,86 8 mm a 5/16 plg; 9 mm a 11/32 plg; 3/8 plg; 10 mm; 11 mm a 7/16 plg; 12 mm; 13 mm a 1/2 plg; 14 mm a 9/16 plg; 15 mm a 16 mm a 5/8 plg
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