Guía de cajón Accuride, Acero Chapado en Zinc, Longitud 400mm, Carga Máxima 160kg

  • Código RS 666-4786
  • Nº ref. fabric. DZ5321-0040
  • Fabricante Accuride
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COO (País de Origen): DE
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Accuride DZ5321 Series Heavy-Duty Drawer Runners

From Accuride the DZ5321 range of heavy-duty telescopic ball bearing side mounting drawer runners with a full 100%+ extension capability made from durable zinc plated steel. These runners are able to hold up to 170 kg with 10000 opening and closing cycles and up to 150 kg with 80000 opening and closing cycles.

Self-Cleaning Ball Retainer

These Accuride drawer runners use a durable ball bearing mechanism which produces a smooth and quiet opening and closing action. An additional feature is the self-cleaning ball retainer which removes foreign particles from between the ball bearings and protects the runner raceways. The lubricant provided should last for the duration of the life of the runner. If the runners need cleaning a quality grease for high pressure use can be applied.

Hold In

These drawer runners have a hold-in detent feature which holds the runners firmly in position keeping the drawer closed until extra pressure is applied. This feature prevents the drawer from rolling open

Key Features and Benefits

• Smooth and quiet ball bearing action
• Up to 170 kg load capacity
• Made from durable plated steel
• 100%+ full extension capability
• Self-cleaning ball retainer
• Hold In feature for keeping draw securely closed


These drawer slides can be fitted using an M5 countersunk screw or a 6mm countersunk Euro screw


These heavy drawer runners are designed for indoor use only and should be protected from excess moisture, dirt, corrosion and chemical fumes. The most common applications for these drawer runners are enclosures, heavy-duty storage cabinets, industrial workstations, equipment and battery access and access for maintenance and repair

Atributo Valor
Material Acero
Acabado Chapado en Zinc
Longitud Cerrado 400mm
Longitud de Recorrido 423.5mm
Extensión 100%
Altura Global 53.1mm
Carga Máxima 160kg
3 Entrega en 24 horas
16 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio 1 Par
(exc. IVA)
1 +
69,33 €