Placa de evaluación RS-485 Serial Port, High-Speed Protector, Gas Discharge Tube, Evaluation Board RS-485

  • Código RS 184-6119
  • Nº ref. fabric. RS-485EVALBOARD4
  • Fabricante Bourns
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COO (País de Origen): CN
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This evaluation board serves as an aid in evaluating circuit protection solutions for RS-485 serial ports. It uses a Bourns® TBU® High-Speed Protector (HSP), a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestor and a Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) that are designed to meet the required industry standards on RS-485 port interfaces. The recommended Bourns® TBU® HSP solution offers enhanced performance features over competing technologies. These performance features can help engineers improve the surge and transient protection level on RS-485 ports, while allowing them to place the entire circuit protection solution into a smaller PCB area as compared to alternative solutions. The Bourns® RS-485 Evaluation Board 4 measures 35 mm x 25 mm x 0.85 mm, and is manufactured using an FR-4 PCB with nickel-gold pad plating on the top and bottom sides.

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Para Usar Con Gas Discharge Tube, High-Speed Protector, RS-485 Serial Port
Dispositivo mostrado RS-485
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