Limpiador ultrasónico RS PRO, 100W, 3L con tapa

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Depósito de limpieza por ultrasonidos RS

Depósito de limpieza por ultrasonidos de alta calidad para la limpieza y eliminación de suciedad, grasa y corrosión debido a piezas mecánicas y electrónicas.

What are the benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Elimina la suciedad, la grasa y la corrosión y puede utilizarse en piezas electrónicas y mecánicas
El modo de degasificación elimina rápidamente el aire del líquido después del cambio para ofrecer máxima limpieza
Modo delicado: menos agresivo y a media potencia
Modo de plena potencia para una limpieza a fondo
Modo de temperatura y temporización
El depósito, la tapa y la carcasa están hechos de acero inoxidable
Se incluye un amplio manual

4 cleaning modes:

• Degas – Use prior to cycle to quickly remove any air from the liquid, ensuring maximum cleaning effectiveness
• Delicate - To prevent any damage to delicate items the tank works at half power for a gentler clean
• Full – At maximum power, this mode provides an aggressive clean for heavily soiled items
• Temperature and Timing - Manually set both the temperature and duration of the cleaning cycle

What is this Ultrasonic Cleaner used for?

Perfect for precision cleaning tasks, the Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank is suitable for cleaning a range of materials and components, including glass, plastic, aluminium & ceramic parts. Heat exchangers, jewellery, surgical instruments, dental tools, intercoolers, microchips, engine parts & small components.

How to use this RS PRO Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Heavy or dense items can be cleaned but should not be placed in the bottom of the tank as this may damage the transducers. Instead they should be suspended in the bath by basket.

There is a range of different cleaning solutions designed to give the best results when cleaning different materials, the cleaning solution contains ingredients designed to make ultrasonic cleaning more effective.

Typical applications

Ideal for use in aerospace industries, optics, electronics production, medical, manufacturing of precision components, the automotive industry, jewellery & watch repair.


Dimensiones de cesta: 125 mm x 225 mm x 85 mm


• Tank Capacity: 3L
• Timer: 1-99 mins
• Ultrasonic Power: 100W
• Frequency: 40 KHz
• Tank Dimensions: 221x118 mm
• Material: Stainless steel tank and housing
• Plug: UK & EU plug

Atributo Valor
Clasificación de Potencia de Calefactor 100W
Se suministra con tapa
Capacidad 3L
Potencia Nominal Ultrasónica 100W
Material Acero Inoxidable
Dimensiones 240 x 137 x 100mm
Altura 100mm
Longitud 240mm
Tipo de Conector Tipo C - Conector Europeo, Tipo G - Británico 3 Pines
Anchura 137mm
39 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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(exc. IVA)
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382,32 €