SMT Assembly Hand Operated CMS with Came

  • Código RS 181-6592
  • Nº ref. fabric. V900121
  • Fabricante Cif Athelec
Documentación Técnica
Legislación y Conformidad
Certificado de conformidad RoHS
COO (País de Origen): FR
Datos del Producto

It is a perfect ergonomic station including a lot of functions with an attractive price.Slight arm movement in axis X and Y allows comfortable choosing components and their placing all over the work place. Place your component with the head on the Z axis. You can rotate also easily the component on 360°.A camera located near the vacuum pipette and connected to monitor helps the operator for the placement of fine pitch components.

Perfect ergonomics
Very efficient working area of 380 x 295 mm
Placement make easier by camera connected to a 9" TFT LCD monitor, included as standard
Low cost machine
The arm support assures a comfortable position for the operator
Sensitive head with 360° rotation of pipette
Efficient lighting built-in the arm
Vacuum pump delivered as standard
3 board supports
Optional feeders available

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