Mascarillas desechables RS PRO Sí Blanco, Aplicación: Electrónica, industria alimentaria, farmacéutica Polipropileno 3

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Máscaras faciales desechables compatibles con salas blancas de clase 100

Estas máscaras blancas tienen correas elásticas para que sean fáciles de colocar y permanezcan en su sitio; el material es no tejido. Para uso en fabricación de alimento, productos farmacéuticos y electrónicos y en numerosas otras aplicaciones industriales

Features and Benefits:

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RS PRO non-woven disposable face masks are versatile and can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Disposable face masks are essential pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). They are particularly useful in environments where the wearer requires light face protection and some of the more common applications are:

• Food manufacturing and preparation
• Semiconductor, TFT-LCD electronic manufacturing
• Pharmaceuticals and laboratories
• Hospitals and dentists
• Cleanrooms
• Janitors and cleaners
• Garages and body repair workshops

How do I fit the face mask?

With clean hands, simply hold the Disposable mask to the face and hook the elasticated straps around the ears. Press the material around the nose area to mould and shape to the face. This guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. The RS PRO face masks are intended for single use applications only and are disposable after ear use.

How do I dispose of the mask?

Disposal of used masks is also very important. A face mask should be disposed of carefully once the mask becomes soiled or damaged.

• Remove the mask from the face gently
• Place the mask in a plastic zipper bag and secure tightly.
• Place the plastic bag in a suitable bin or waste disposal area
• Wash your hands straight away.
• Only put on a new face mask with clean hands

Máscaras faciales desechables compatibles con salas blancas de clase 100


La cantidad suministrada es 1 bolsa de 100 máscaras

Atributo Valor
Aplicación Electrónica, Farmacéutica, Industria alimentaria
Color Blanco
Cantidad por paquete 100
Tamaño Un tamaño
Material Polipropileno
Capa 3
Para salas blancas
69 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
Precio 1 Bolsa de 100
(exc. IVA)
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Por unidad*
1 - 6
51,05 €
0,51 €
7 - 14
49,01 €
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15 - 39
47,48 €
0,475 €
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44,92 €
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