Memoria RAM Integral Memory 4 GB Ordenador portátil, 1333MHz

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Integral Memory DDR3 RAM

The Integral Memory DDR3 is a 4GB RAM with SODIMM memory socket. The memory upgrade is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost performance. It also helps to ensure that the operating system and applications run faster and smoother. This memory module is built with high-quality components and is fully tested to ensure reliability and compatibility. It is delivered in an antistatic package to prevent external damage.

Features and Benefits

• 512Mbit depth
• CAS latency 9
• Extends battery life
• Number of pins 204
• Quick and easy to install
• Speed 1333MHz
• Voltage required 1.5V


• Gaming
• Image editing
• Laptops

Atributo Valor
Ordenador de sobremesa/portátil Ordenador portátil
Capacidad 4 GB
Punto de ajuste 1333MHZ
Clase de memoria DDR3
Ranura de memoria SODIMM
Tipo de Módulo PC3-10600
Pasadores 204
Tensión 1.5V
Latencia CAS 9
3 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
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66,30 €