Workbench with Lighting kit, 1500x700mm

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RS Pro ESD Workbench – 1500x700mm

The RS Pro ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Workbench is an ergonomic designed workbench complete with a permanent static safe surface. The permanent static safe surface is a laminate coating that will last the lifetime of the table. This workbench can hold a max load of up to 300KG and has a total resistance of 10E8 Ω.

Designed with the intention that a user may potentially sit at this workbench for hours, this ESD workbench features a 1500x300mm shelf to support a highly efficient working area and much tidier workspace for more productivity. Above the working area is a built-in work light to help users in any environment to provide an enriched lighting environment. This workbench also includes the ability to change the height from 650mm up to a height of 950mm.

This kit comes complete with bench frame, ESD safe worktop, overhead light and 1500x300mm shelf.

Static dissipative surfaces are a key to a safe working environment when working with anything that has the potential to store electricity. This workbench can provide a direct ground. The RS Pro ESD Workbench will allow for a controlled way for the dissipation of any stored static electrical energy.

Features and Benefits

• Resistance of 10E8 Ω
• Permanently ESD Safe lamination
• Adjustable working – Easily adjustable height ranging from 650-950mm
• 1500x300mm Shelf – Holds up to a 50KG load and has all the ESD properties.
• Overhead light – 2 energy efficient luminescent 54W lamps. Quick switching with no shimmering or strobing.
• Max load capacity of 300KG
• Temperature resistance of up to 300°C

Can I hang an ionizer on this workbench?
Yes. Ionizers can be hung behind the light from cantilevers or other mountable means.

Does this include any drawers or rails?
No. A more equipped workbench would be RS 125-2407

Can I fit an Earth Bonding Box to this?
Yes. 392-135 is a compatible bonding box but other devices should work sufficiently.3

This workbench adheres to standards; EN 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340.

Atributo Valor
Tipo Kit de banco de trabajo
Portátil No
Material Acero
Carga Máxima 300kg
Longitud 1500mm
Anchura 700mm
Altura 650 → 950mm
Altura Regulable
3 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio 1 Kit
(exc. IVA)
1 +
1.248,52 €