Varta Pila 9V Alcalina Varta Industrial Terminal Estándar

  • Código RS 803-8435
  • Nº ref. fabric. 4022
  • Fabricante Varta
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Estado RoHS: No aplica
COO (País de Origen): MY
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Baterías alcalinas industriales Varta

Las baterías alcalinas industriales Varta son adecuadas para aplicaciones con descargas constantes o de pulsos con corrientes altas.

Features and Benefits

• High quality 9V, C, D & AAA alkaline industrial batteries
• High performance power supply
• Up to 10 years shelf life
• Specific OEM packaging for easy processing
• Continuous quality improvements guarantee an outstanding performance
Maintains its voltage longer than any other industrial cell on the market
• Ideal for standby or pulse discharge with high discharge currents
• Hermetically sealed against leakage Other Varta Industrial battery ranges stocked include:
• Varta Industrial C 20 pack - 803-8422
• Varta Industrial D 20 pack – 803-8426
• Varta Industrial AAA 10 pack – 803-8410

Typical Applications

Varta Alkaline 9V batteries are used in electronic devices that require a small, compact source of power. Example applications include:

• Safety equipment (such as gas detectors)
• Microphones & communication devices
• Telemeters & measuring instruments
• Medical instruments (such as infusion pumps,
blood pressure monitors & pulse oximete.
• Torches/flashlights


Are Alkaline Batteries harmful?
Alkaline batteries can sometimes leak a substance called potassium hydroxide which is a caustic agent that can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritations. This risk is reduced by not mixing different manufacturer battery types, batteries of different chemistries and by the replacement of all batteries at the same time.

How to dispose of Alkaline Batteries?
Recycle responsibly, a wide range of schemes are available.

Are these batteries rechargeable?
These batteries are non-rechargeable

Safety Advice

Keep out of sight and reach of children


• Always install the batteries correctly as per instruction
• Ensure that the contact points are clean and conductive
• Do not mix different types of battery
• Do not heat or attempt to recharge the battery
• Do not dispose of in a fire

Certified Quality

• The battery is leak-proofed and certified according to international
norms: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 1 4001:2004
• Each cell is individually tested by our VARTA quality team
• Public institutions have trusted this reliable product line for decades


Se recomienda su uso en aplicaciones industriales, incluidos medidores de prueba, linternas y dispositivos digitales

Baterías alcalinas industriales

Atributo Valor
Tamaño PP3
Gama de la Marca Varta Industrial
Química Alcalina
Tensión Nominal 9V
Tipo de Terminal Estándar
60 Entrega en 24 horas
4240 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
Precio unitario (Suministrado en múltiplos de 20)
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
Por Pack*
20 +
2,182 €
43,64 €
*precio indicativo