Pilas Recargables AA RS PRO, 1.2V, Níquel Metal Hidruro, terminal de Lengüetas, 2600mAh

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RS Pro, baterías estándar con lengüetas

Nickle metal hydride batteries also known as NiMH batteries are a type of rechargeable battery used every day in various household and industrial items. NiMH batteries have two to three times more capacity than a nickel-cadmium cell (NiCd) battery.
These batteries if stored in a cool, dry place can last for between 500 to 1000 charges or 2 to 3 years. The more you charge NiMH, the longer they last.

Another name for this battery type is a secondary cell.

These tagged batteries are suitable for permanent installation into equipment or assembling into battery packs

RS PRO have a great range of rechargeable batteries and chargers to suit all your requirements. These batteries are cost-effective as the energy supply is recharged and reused. They are also more environmentally friendly as other non-rechargeable batteries are thrown away and replaced once used.


Con lengüetas para permitir la combinación en paquetes de baterías de mayor tamaño para instalación permanente
Tensión 1,2 V
Carga rápida de 4 a 6 horas.

Where Can I use NiMH Rechargeable Batteries?

RS PRO offers a range of rechargeable NiMH batteries. They are predominantly used in digital cameras, gadgets and other high drain devices, where with one single charge they can outperform an alkaline battery. These batteries can be used in several everyday items:

• Handheld video consoles
• Remote controlled cars
• DIY tools
• Medical devices
• Radio’s
• Torches

Charging NiMH Batteries

Charging NiMH batteries correctly is key to their performance and lifespan. All batteries are supplied with only a residual charge and should be charged at a continuous charge rate before use.

Are NiMH Batteries harmful?

The risk is reduced by not mixing different manufacturer battery types, batteries of different chemistries and by the replacement of all batteries at the same time. Never expose NiMH batteries to extreme heat and be careful not to drop them as internal damage can easily occur.

Safety Advice

Keep out of sight and reach of children!

How to dispose of NiMH Batteries?

Recycle responsibly, a wide range of schemes are available.


RS PRO is our own brand range and brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards; they’re only given the RS PRO Seal of Approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.


Todas las baterías se suministran con sólo una carga residual y se deben cargar a una velocidad de carga continua antes de utilizarlas.


No conecte las baterías en paralelo.

Baterías recargables de NiMH para uso industrial

Rendimiento mejorado con respecto a las baterías de NiCd.

Atributo Valor
Capacidad 2.6Ah
Tipo de Terminal Lengüetas
Química Níquel Metal Hidruro
Tamaño AA
Tensión Nominal 1.2V
Rango de Temperatura de Funcionamiento -10 → +60°C
70 Entrega en 24 horas
Disponible para entrega en 6-8 días laborables.
Precio (Bolsa de 1)
(exc. IVA)
1 +
4,40 €