Pilas Recargables AA Panasonic, 1.2V, Níquel Metal Hidruro, 2500mAh

  • Código RS 812-4429
  • Nº ref. fabric. BK-3HGAE/4BE
  • Fabricante Panasonic
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COO (País de Origen): JP
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Baterías de Ni-MH recargables Panasonic

Envase blíster Panasonic con baterías recargables Ni-MH

Features & Benefits

Baterías de alta capacidad
Solución ideal para dispositivos que utilizan una gran cantidad de energía
Tensión: 1,2 V

Typical Applications

Panasonic Rechargeable battery size range of AA/AAA are used in various electronic applications suitable for low to medium-drain devices and will provide charge after charge. These batteries are the ideal universal power supply for most of your household devices, even for applications that until now have run on alkaline batteries such as games consoles. Typical devices include:

• Remote Controls
• Wireless mouse and keyboards
• Gaming devices / wireless gaming controllers
• Cordless house telephones
• Torches / Bike Lamps
• Electric Toothbrush
• Wireless peripherals such as wireless mouse/keyboards
• Clocks
• Baby monitors

Other stocked Panasonic Rechargeable battery sizes in the range include:

• Panasonic NiMH 1000mAh AAA Rechargeable battery 1.2V – 8124422
• Panasonic NiMH 2500mAh AA Rechargeable battery 1.2V – 8124429


How many times can I charge my Panasonic rechargeable battery?
This range of Panasonic batteries can be recharged 1000-1600 times dependent on battery size. For example, AA & AAA batteries can be recharged up to 1600 times.

What type of charger can be used with these batteries?
The Panasonic NiMH batteries can be recharged with any NiMH charger but Panasonic recommend to use any of the Panasonic BQ CC(51)/50/15/55 charger for optimal charging performance.

Can Panasonic Batteries be used in any device?
Yes, if it is the right size, you can use Panasonic rechargeable batteries in any device although ideal for high to medium drain devices. However, it is recommended to refer to your user manual for compatibility.

Should Panasonic batteries be fully discharged before recharging?
No, it is not necessary to fully discharge these batteries before recharging as they do not suffer from so called memory effect.

How to dispose of the Batteries?
Recycle responsibly, a wide range of schemes are available. Most batteries rechargeable or non-rechargeable can be recycled.

Safety Advice

Keep out of sight and reach of children


• Always install the batteries correctly as per instruction
• Ensure that the contact points are clean and conductive
• Do not mix different types of battery
• Do not heat or attempt to recharge the battery
• Do not dispose of in a fire

Atributo Valor
Capacidad 2.5Ah
Tipo de Terminal Estándar
Química Níquel Metal Hidruro
Tamaño AA
Tensión Nominal 1.2V
Rango de Temperatura de Funcionamiento -5 → +50°C
80 Entrega en 24 horas
Disponible para entrega en 6-8 días laborables.
Precio unitario (Suministrado en múltiplos de 4)
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
Por Pack*
4 +
5,243 €
20,972 €
*precio indicativo