Pistola de silicona RS PRO, Dispensador de pistola Cartucho 50ml

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RS PRO 503-379 Sealant Gun

The RS PRO 503-379 is a handheld sealant gun that you can rely on to provide an even flow of sealant on any task. This robust gun, also known as a caulking gun, uses a cartridge system which enables you to replenish the adhesive quickly and easily.
Whether you’re sealing a bathroom or doing some DIY, the RS PRO 503-379 is the ideal sealant gun. The two handles sit comfortably in your hand and it is operated with a gentle squeeze. It is fitted with a ratchet propelled twin piston with pushes again the syringe plunger.
The RS PRO 503-379 comes with a selection of 50ml plungers for different adhesive mixing ratios so you can be sure to get the mixing ratio just right, with minimal waste. The plunger nozzles feature a helical mixing barrel to ensure accurate mixing. The ends of the nozzles can also be cut to change the bead size to suit your application.
The 503-379 sealant gun can be used with either epoxy or acrylic adhesives. Epoxy is an adhesive which sets quickly and shrinks very little. Once set, epoxy offers chemical resistance. Acrylic is also suitable for the 503-379 and it cures faster for applications which require a stronger bond.

• Handheld sealant gun
• Easy, precise application
• Reduces user fatigue
• Disposable nozzle system

What’s included?
1 x sealant gun
1 x 1:1 plunger
1 x 2:1 plunger
1 x 10:1 plunger

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Loctite acrylic 3295: 184-7973
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Mixing nozzle: 503-385

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