Placa de Prueba, 83 x 147 x 19mm

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RS Advanced Solderless Breadboard

This Advanced Solderless Breadboard from RS provides a great, value for money option for prototyping and testing of electronic or computer circuits.


More interconnected tie points
More terminal and power bus
Easy expansion and combination
Easy wiring and insertion
Flexible for digital or analog circuits
RoHS Compliant

The RS PRO 835-2716 is the perfect breadboard for prototyping and testing your electronic circuits. This solderless breadboard enables you to add and remove various components without damaging them. So you can test your different designs over and over again.

The 835-2716 breadboard features 5 coloured screw terminals at one end for connecting your power supply. Each screw terminal can be used with a 4mm banana plug, Y-terminal or stripped wire.
There is a total of 958 holes on the 835-2716 breadboard and, if that’s not enough, you can connect multiple boards together to create connected circuits. Each hole is 1mm in diameters and meets standard DIP spacing. There are 5 sections on the board which are in an alphanumeric grid format. Each grid is 6 columns by 24 rows.

Whether you are looking to test out your circuit designs, or teaching circuits in a classroom, the RS PRO 835-2716 is the ideal tool to help you. This affordable board is really straight-forward to use and, if you need to extend your circuit, you can connect multiple boards together for extra space.

• No soldering
• 958 holes
• DIN standard hole spacing
• 5 x alphanumeric grids
• Connect multiple boards together
• Easy to use
• Suitable for prototyping and education

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Tipo Prototyping Solderless Breadboard
Longitud 83mm
Profundidad 147mm
Altura 19mm
Dimensiones 83 x 147 x 19mm
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