Kit de Desarrollo para PCB, AAT20, FR4, Grosor del Cobre 35μm, 300 x 200 x 1.5mm

  • Código RS 175-2780
  • Nº ref. fabric. AAT20
  • Fabricante CIF
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Estado RoHS: No aplica
COO (País de Origen): FR
Datos del Producto

Layered photosensitive boards, copper on aluminium

Pre-sensitised printed circuit boards for making power supply cards, SMT power transistor-based circuits, hybrid power circuits etc.
These boards are also used as Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) in optoelectronics for the design of power LED circuits such as OSRAM's Golden Dragon and Luxeon Star.
Significant dissipation enables denser component layout.
Insulation fulfils three functions:
- adhesive between the copper and the aluminium
- dielectric insulation between the copper and the aluminium
- thermal relay between the active face of the circuit and the aluminium heat dissipating sole

Dimensions (mm): 200 x 300
Thickness: copper (35 μm), insulator (125 μm), aluminium (1.5 mm)
Dielectric strength: 51.5 kV / mm for insulation of about 100 μ
Dielectric constant about 3 at 1 MHz
Dielectric dissipation factor: about 0.02 at 1 MHz
Thermal dissipation: > at 1°C / W / mm2 (application type TO-220)
Operating temperature: 130°C continuous
Atributo Valor
Material de la Base Aluminio
Dimensiones 300 x 200 x 1.5mm
Grosor del Cobre 35µm
Grado de Material FR FR4
Longitud 300mm
Grosor 1.5mm
Profundidad 200mm
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