Kit de evaluación, Controlador de motor LV8702V-TLM-H, Motor Driver Solution Kit for LV8702V Featuring High Efficiency

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VCCmax = 36 V, IOmax = 2.5 A2) (between OUT_A and B, between OUT_C and D)
24 V Applications Recommended (VCC = 9∼32 V Max)
Rotation of the Motor is Controlled by a Single Pulse Signal, which is Advantageous for Smooth Driving (Micro−step) and Rotating at High Speed Rotation
4 Patterns can be Set for Full, Half (2 Patterns) and Quarter Step
High−efficiency Drive that Adjusts the Current to the Optimum Current according to the Motor Load and Rotational Speed (in Half, Quarter Step Setting)
The Reduction of Power Consumption, Heat Generation, Vibration and Noise is Achieved
User−friendly GUI Allows Operation Check and Sample Program Generation

Atributo Valor
Función de administración de energía Controlador de motor
Clasificación del kit Kit de evaluación
Para Usar Con LV8702V-TLM-H
Dispositivo mostrado LV8702
Nombre del kit Motor Driver Solution Kit for LV8702V Featuring High Efficiency Stepper Drive
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