Interruptor RCD 4 Polos, 40 A, Instantáneo, Disparo 30mA, Carril DIN

  • Código RS 239-4969
  • Nº ref. fabric. 7540.4801.3
  • Fabricante Kopp
Documentación Técnica
Legislación y Conformidad
Certificado de conformidad RoHS
COO (País de Origen): DE
Datos del Producto

Disyuntor residual, 2 y 4 contactos

Este RCD de 2 / 4 contactos cumple con VDE DIN 0664 Parte 1. Registra AC y DC a pulsos.
Un = 230 Vac con 2 contactos,
Un = 230 V / 400 Vac con 4 contactos.

Kopp — residual circuit-breaker

Highest Precision

The measuring equipment fitted with a summation current transformer handles AC and pulsed DC fault currents and is not sensitive to surge currents → 250 A (pulse design 8//20, DIN VDE 0432 part 2).
In accordance with DIN VDE 0664 part 1, in the event of a failure the equipment switches off within 0.2 sec.

Convenient mounting
The patented quick fix feature of the KOPP MCB is also used in this protection circuit series. This makes it easy to lock them into the DIN rail and also remove them from the connection if required.

Clear detection of the switch-off source
As was the case with the MCB, even the switch-off source for residual circuit-breakers can be detected from the lever position. If the lever is in the "OFF" position, the switch-off was manual and intentional. If, on the other hand, it is in the "RESET" position the device was switched off by a residual current in the system.

Sophisticated wiring technology
On delivery, the terminals are already opened and you have the option to cross-wire the devices with the commoning bar - all helping you save on installation time and therefore cost.

Atributo Valor
Número de Polos 4
Corriente Nominal 40 A
Sensibilidad de Disparo 30mA
Tensión AC Nominal 400 V
Estilo de Montaje Carril DIN
Tiempo de Ruptura Instantáneo
5 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
9 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
Precio Unidad
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
1 - 4
67,76 €
5 +
64,37 €