Conector de crimpado, RS PRO, Hembra, Revestimiento de Estaño, No Aislado, 2.8 x 0.5mm, 0.3mm² a 1.25mm², 22AWG a 16AWG

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RS PRO Uninsulated Open Barrel Crimp Receptacles

From RS PRO a high-quality open barrel crimp receptacle terminal sometimes known as a female quick disconnect. Female crimp receptacles are a type of electrical wiring connector which, when mated with a male tab connector (or male quick disconnect), provide a fast and reliable interconnect between two wires. The body of the connector is made from brass with a tin plating. The tin plating has excellent conductivity and is also resistant to corrosion.

How Does a Female Crimp Connector Work?

The female connector or receptacle is crimped onto the end of the stranded electrical wire using the appropriate tooling, no solder is required. The male tab or blade connector on the opposing wire simply slots into the opening on the end of the receptacle to form a secure and reliable electrical connection.

Features and Benefits

• Allows easy connection and disconnection of two wires
• Provides a secure and permanent electrical connection
• Solderless crimp connection
• Tin plating for resistance to corrosion, added strength and excellent conductivity


These female connectors are used in a wide range of industries including industrial, automotive and consumer industries. Applications include:

• Industrial control systems
• Industrial machines
• Automotive applications
• Communication equipment
• Power supplies
• Domestic appliances including dishwashers, washing machines and dryers

Selecting the Correct Connector Size

When selecting the right terminal for your application, you should consider the following:

• The wire size 'mm' (metric) or 'AWG' (American Wire Gauge) you are using

• The tab size to which you will be connecting the ring terminal. The width of the receptacle has to match the width of the tab it is mating with and vice versa. The width is usually shown as a series name in inches, the most common ones being .110 (2.8mm), .187(4.8mm), .205(5.2mm), .250 (6.3mm), .375 (9.5mm). The thickness of the tabs can also vary and are usually 0.51 or 0.81mm

How to Crimp a Receptacle Connector

Strip the end of the wire and cut it to the same length as the terminal. Insert the stripped end into the barrel making sure no bare wire is visible. The connector is then ready to be crimped on to the end of the wire. Pliers or a ratchet tool can be used but, for a better quality crimp, it is better to use a ratchet crimping tool. A ratchet crimping tool is preferable as the handles will remain locked until a full crimp cycle is completed which will prevent partial crimps. Insert the barrel of the receptacle terminal into the appropriate crimping section (indicated by sizes marked on the tool). Squeeze the tool handles together until the ratchet releases. The crimped receptacle terminal is now ready for mating with a male tab terminal to form a secure electrical connection.

Atributo Valor
Serie 605
Aislamiento No Aislado
Género Hembra
Tamaño de cable mínimo mm2 0.3mm²
Tamaño de cable máximo mm2 1.25mm²
Tipo de Conector Lengüeta
Tamaño de cable mínimo AWG 22AWG
Tamaño de cable máximo AWG 16AWG
Tamaño de la Lengüeta 2.8 x 0.5mm
Longitud 16mm
Revestimiento del Contacto Estaño
Material del Contacto Latón
104300 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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