Relé de enclavamiento, DPST, 24V dc, Carril DIN 20 16 A

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16A Step Relays - 20 Series

The 20 Series are available as DPST-NO or SPST-NO + SPST-NC step relays. On, each successive energisation of the relay coil the contacts change state thus providing a step or "flip flop" sequence of operation. With the advantage of an override test button, it allows manual advancement of the step sequence and individual mechanical flags provides visual indication of contact status. Typical applications include the control of lighting where push on push off or sequential operation is required, automatic opening/closing of doors, gates, and so on. Use in portable or battery powered equipment requiring contact status to be maintained without continuous supply to the coil and functions where manual override operation is desired

17.5 mm wide (EN 50022) 35mm DIN Rail mount housing
Manual test button and mechanical indicators
Minimum impulse duration: 0.1 Sec
Maximum impulse duration: 1 hour
Insulation between coil and contacts (1.2/50μ); 4 kV
Nominal lamp rating: incandescent (230 V ac); 2000 W
Compensated fluorescent (230 V ac); 750 W
Temperature range: -40 to +40°C
Protection category: IP20


UL recognised components for Canada & US; LROS

Atributo Valor
Tensión de la Bobina 24 V dc
Configuración de los Contactos DPST
Tipo de Montaje Carril DIN
Corriente de Conmutación 16 A
Tensión de Conmutación Máxima AC 250V ac
Serie 20
Profundidad 58.4mm
Altura 84mm
Tipo de Terminal Roscado
Rango de Temperatura de Funcionamiento -40 → +40°C
Material de los Contactos Aleación de Plata
Potencia de Conmutación Máxima AC 4 kVA
Características Mechanical Flag Indicator, Test Button
Aislamiento de Bobina a Contacto 4kV
Potencia de la Bobina 5W
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Mínima -40°C
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Máxima +40°C
Resistencia de la Bobina 105 Ω
21 Entrega en 24 horas
54 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
Precio Unidad
(exc. IVA)
Por unidad
1 - 4
22,00 €
5 - 9
21,10 €
10 +
20,64 €