Relé temporizador, Multifunción, 0.1 s → 100 h, DPDT, 2 contactos, DPCO, 12 → 240 V ac/dc Zelio

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Multi function NFC Timing Relay

The Zelio NFC timing relay is enabled and controlled by NFC (near field communication) technology available in present-day-smartphones. The NFC timer is designed to time events in industrial automation systems by closing or opening contacts before, during or after a set timing period. It is highly innovative and easy to use.

Application Download

The mobile app, Zelio NFC, which has been created for the NFC timing relay is only available for Android devices. It can be downloaded easily from the Google play store on your phone or from the following link;

Features and Benefits

• DIN Rail mounting
• LED status indication
• Slim design, 22.5 mm width
• Multi function (28 timing functions)
• Efficient in product selection and inventory management
• Saves time when setting values
• Accuracy in timing scale
• Easiness in monitoring and testing
• Password protected settings enable efficient security
• Zelio NFC App enables you to retrieve/configure and lock/unlock product settings and diagnose product status
• All related timing function diagrams, wiring diagrams and helpful content can be obtained from the NFC App



Atributo Valor
Tensión de Alimentación 12 → 240 V ac/dc
Rango de Tiempo 0.1 s → 100 h
Modo de Funcionamiento Multi Function with NFC
Tipo de Montaje Carril DIN
Número de Funciones de Temporización Multifunción
Número de Contactos 2
Serie Zelio
Incremento de Tiempo Horas, Minutos, Segundos
Fuente de Alimentación Externo
Configuración de los Contactos DPDT
Corriente Máxima 8 A
Tipo de Terminal Screw
Tensión Mínima 12 V ac/dc
Tensión Máxima 240 V ac/dc
Retardo <100 ms
Anchura 22.9mm
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Mínima -20°C
Profundidad 79.5mm
Temperatura de Funcionamiento Máxima +60°C
Configuración del Interruptor DPCO
Longitud 90mm
25 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
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(exc. IVA)
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76,00 €