Resistencia fija montada en superficie de película gruesa TE Connectivity, 10kΩ, ±1%, 0.125W, Película Gruesa, 0805

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Formato 0805 Serie CRG0805

The CRG0805 range of SMD fixed resistors come from the TE Connectivity CRG series. They are all house in a 0805 industry standard package size. The CRG0805 devices range from 1 ohm to 10M and tolerances of 1% and 5%. They also include zero ohm links.
Type CRG0805 thick film resistors are powerful devices within a compact package. They are perfect for industrial applications and general purpose use. Example applications include; high frequency operation, owing to the short lead structure and low capacitance.

Features and Benefits
• This thick film series comes in a variety of resistance ranging from 0 Ω to 10 MΩ.
• Terminal finish: Matte Sn
• Moisture sensitivity level: Level 2
• Working to an operating temperature of -55°C to +125 °C
• Pack size: 0805

Precious metal terminations are printed on to a ceramic base and fired. The resistive element is then screen printed and the passivation layer added. The resistor is trimmed to tolerance by a laser. The Prescribed tile is broken into strips, the end plating is fired and the strips broken into individual components. Final termination is made by electroplating

What is MSL? (Moisture Sensitivity Level)
Moisture sensitivity level relates to the handling and packaging precautions on semiconductors and passive components.
Moisture sensitivity level: Level 2 (1 year <+30/60%)

What is a 0805 pack size?
0805 represents the dimensions of the SMD package footprint. A 0805 package measures 2 x 1.25 mm (length x width) which is 0.08 x 0.05 inches.

Resistencias de película gruesa con una alta relación potencia/tamaño
Rango de 1 ohmio a 10 Mohmios y tolerancias de 1% y 5%, con enlaces de cero ohmios incluidos
Acabado Sn mate del terminal

Atributo Valor
Resistencia 10 kΩ
Tecnología Película Gruesa
Paquete/Carcasa 0805 (2012M)
Tolerancia ±1%
Potencia Nominal 0.125W
Coeficiente de Temperatura ±100ppm/°C
Serie CRG
Mínima Temperatura de Funcionamiento -55°C
Máxima Temperatura de Funcionamiento +125°C
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