Adhesivo para suelo de peligro y advertencia, Vinilo, Amarillo/negro, "Keep your distance – Stand Apart, Inglés, 600 x

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COO (País de Origen): GB
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RS PRO Social Distancing Floor Labels

Introducing the RS PRO Social Distancing Floor Labels, specially designed to clearly highlight social distancing guidelines within a range of environments. These hard-wearing vinyl stickers are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, implementing social distancing markers. These cost-effective and versatile RS PRO floor signs can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and flooring inside shops, schools, warehouses and much more making it essential for the management of people flow and safe spacing.

Features and Benefits:

  • The RS PRO social distancing floor labels can be used on a wide variety of surfaces to promote social distancing guidelines

  • The labels are designed with a clear message that easily communicates rules and guidelines to the public, staff and customers for keeping a 2 metre or 6-foot distance

  • The signage stickers are produced from a tough vinyl material that is designed to withstand everyday foot traffic, even in busy environments like shops or warehouses

  • The aggressive self-adhesive backing is ultra-durable and can be used on clean, flat and sealed surfaces in almost any environment

  • These RS PRO labels are essential to ensure clear and consistent floor markings to highlight walkways, safe spacing and working areas in a variety of environments

  • A cost-effective and durable way to present health and safety guidelines and ideal for use in public buildings like hospitals, supermarkets, offices and more

  • Suitable for indoor environments only


La pegatina RS Pro 600mm x 100mm para suelo de vinilo con mensaje "Mantente alejado" es una señal de advertencia que se adhiere a la superficie del suelo para informar de que debes tener en cuenta que debes seguir las distancias sociales.


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Atributo Valor
Mensaje de texto Keep your distance – Stand Apart
Idioma del texto Inglés
Pictograma Distancia social
Material Vinilo
Color Amarillo/negro
Cantidad por paquete 1
Altura 100 mm
Ancho 600mm
Tipo de Señal Señal de suelo con gráficos
Fotoluminiscente No
Tipo de peligro Peligro general
Producto Descatalogado