Sierra de arco RS PRO de 150 mm

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RS PRO Mini Hacksaw

Introducing the mini hacksaw from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a durable hand saw that is perfect for cutting a range of materials such as wood and metal safely and efficiently. The saw is manufactured with a lightweight cast body with a powder coat finish, providing a stylish yet tough frame with fade, chip and scratch resistant properties. If the blade becomes blunt over time, the user-friendly frame also allows you to change the blade safely and efficiently. The RS PRO mini hacksaw features an ergonomic handle that provides comfort and control, whilst enabling you to saw straight and accurate.

Features and benefits

• Suitable for 150 mm (6") blades
• Lightweight yet durable cast body
• Powder coat finish with fade, chipping and scratch resistant properties
• Ideal for cutting a range of materials
• Replaceable blades available


Hacksaws are a type of cutting hand tool used to cut through a range of materials such as wood, steel, metal and plastic. Hacksaws can be equipped with a variety of blades that contain varying TPI (teeth per inch), depending on the type of application it is going to be used with. Hacksaws are also available in a variety of durable frames such as steel, plastic, aluminum and more.

Hacksaws are available to suit a range of applications such as:

• Construction
• Industrial
• Woodworking

Does it come with a blade?

This hacksaw is equipped with a blade and is ready to use.

Can the blade be replaced?

It is common that with heavy use over time the blade will become blunt or even snap. If this happens the blade on the RS PRO mini hacksaw can be replaced with a 150 mm replacement blade with ease thanks to the user-friendly design.

What material is this hacksaw suitable with?

The RS PRO mini hacksaw can be used in a variety of tasks and is ideal for use with wood, metal and plastic.

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