Sierra de arco RS PRO con mango Agarre Suave, hoja de Acero al Carbono de 160 mm, 7 Dientes por Pulgada

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RS PRO Wallboard Saw

Introducing the wallboard saw from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a durable hand tool that is perfect for cutting plasterboard, chipboard and hardboard. The durable blade is made with high carbon steel and features 7 TPI (teeth per inch), allowing the saw to cut through a variety of drywall and wallboards with ease. The saw also features an ergonomic soft grip handle that enhances comfort whilst providing excellent grip allowing you to saw with precision.

Features and benefits

• Durable blade made with high carbon steel
• Ergonomically designed soft grip handle to provide comfort and grip
• 7 TPI
• Lightweight yet durable design
• Perfect for cutting through plasterboard, chipboard and hardboard


Wallboard saws are a type of hand tool used to cut through a variety of materials such as plasterboard and chipboard. They tend to feature a small slimline blade with a sharp point to easily penetrate through material and sharp teeth to cut quickly and efficiently. Wallboard saws are often used in applications such as construction and DIY and are an excellent addition to any toolbox.

Can this saw cut wood?

This saw is not designed to cut through wood.

What is the length of the blade?

This saw features a 160 mm fixed blade.

Atributo Valor
Tipo de Mango Agarre Suave
Hoja incluida
Longitud de la Hoja 160 mm
Número de Dientes por Pulgada 7
Peso 142g
Material de la Hoja Acero al Carbono
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