Soldador Antex Electronics Gascat 120, Gas, para usar con Multifuntion, portátil

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Antex Gascat 120 Gas Soldering Iron

The Gascast 120 from Antex is a gas powered soldering iron ideal for working in areas with difficult access or no live power sources. The simple body features a cap cover to protect the iron tip when not in use. The built in piezo ignition system allows for a quick and easy start-up of the iron without the need of external ignition sources.

Taking just 30 seconds to full refill the iron via the port on the base of the iron, the Gascat 120 has an approximate usage time of 2 hours when used as a soldering iron. Supplied with a 2.4mm soldering tip as standard, other tips as well as conversion tips for using the iron are available making the Gascat 120 into a hot air tool, gas torch and even a hot knife.

When used as a soldering iron, the Gastcat 120 has a 580°C maximum tip temperature. The robust design measures 233mm from tip to handle with a comfortable grip for prolonged work and weighs 165g.

Gas - Antex

Atributo Valor
Número de Modelo Gascat 120
Tipo de Potencia Gas
Tipo Soldador
Serie de la Punta 120PPK
Para Uso Con Multifuntion, Portátil
134 Disponible para entrega en 2 día(s) laborable(s).
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55,64 €