Tarjeta de Memoria Flash InnoDisk, 1 GB

  • Código RS 182-8195
  • Nº ref. fabric. DC1M-01GD31W1DB
  • Fabricante InnoDisk
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COO (País de Origen): TW
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InnoDisk iCF4000 1GB Compact Flash Card

The Innodisk Industrial CompactFlash 4000 Memory Card (iCF 4000) products provide high capacity solid-state flash memory. The ability to electrically compile using the true IDE Mode that is electrically compatible with an IDE disk drive makes for a perfect high capacity solution. The original CF form factor card can be used in any system that has a CF slot. Designed to replace traditional rotating disk drives, Innodisk Industrial CompactFlash 4000 Memory Cards are embedded solid-state data storage systems for mobile computing and the industrial work place. The Industrial CompactFlash® card features an extremely lightweight, reliable, low-profile form factor that is ideal for on the go use in almost any application.

Industrial CompactFlash® 4000 (iCF 4000) supports advanced PIO (0-6), Multiword DMA (0-2), Ultra DMA (0-4) transfer mode, multi-sector transfers, and LBA addressing.


• iSMART disk health monitoring
• Intelligent error recovery system
• Excellent data transfer speed
• Mechanical design for anti-vibration
• Compact and lightweight design
• Support large variety of modes (PIO, DMA, multi-sector, LBA)

Atributo Valor
Capacidad 1 GB
Formato de tarjeta CompactFlash
Modelo ICF4000
Rango de Temperatura -40 → +85 (Industrial) °C, 0 → +70 (Standard) °C
2 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
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42,03 €