Termostato para Cajas Schneider Electric NSYCCOTHO, 220 240 V ac

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Vigirex relays with associated toroid sensors measure the leakage current in an electrical installation to detect levels that may be damaging. Ideal for protection or alarming, the products offer multiple setting and mounting possibilities.

For use on low-voltage AC installations up to 1000 V, and for TT or TN neutral networksCurrents up to 3200 A (depending on sensor)Closed Toroid – widest rangeSplit (Open) Toroid – install without disconnecting existing cableRectangular sensors – for large bus bars & high currents Sensitivities from 30 mA to 30 A (with time delay range from 0 to 4.5 s)Applications with frequencies up to 400 HzImmunity to nuisance tripping (tolerance between 0.8 –1 x I ∆n)Operation guaranteed in less than 40 msOvervoltage category IVModbus communication (RHU & RMH)

Earth-leakage relay rh10p - 30 ma - 240 v

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Tensión de Alimentación 220 240 V ac
Serie Vigirex
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