Tornillo mecánico, Acabado Galvanizado brillante, Acero, Troncocónico 10mm, M3.5 0.6

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RS Zinc Plated Cross-recess Pan Head Machine Screws

Machine screws are fully threaded and can be used in pre-tapped holes or used with conforming nuts and washers in through holes.
Our RS professional quality bzp, cross recess, pan head machine screws have been designed to give you ease of assembly.

Features & Benefits

• Plated zinc coating works as an effective barrier against the effects of wear, and helps prevent corrosion and abrasion • Coating process doesn’t involve any toxic materials
• It is less expensive than zinc nickel plating
• Highly extends lifespan of steel products

Typical Applications

Moderate corrosion resistance

Indoor use with dry environment
PCB prototyping
Circuit board mounting
General maintenance and repair


Requires a Philips screwdriver
We offer a range of pan head machine screws in various thread sizes and lengths. Refer to the datasheet and range overview download file for details.
If bright zinc plated steel is not what you are looking for, we also offer the cross recess machine screws in stainless steel and nickel plated brass. Refer to the fasteners selection guide.


Threaded in accordance with DIN 7985

Atributo Valor
Forma del Cabezal Troncocónico
Tipo de Accionador Pozidriv
Longitud métrica 10mm
Tamaño de la Rosca Métrica M3.5
Material Acero
Acabado Galvanizado brillante
Espaciado de rosca 0.6
28 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
Precio 1 Bolsa de 100
(exc. IVA)
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1 - 4
3,65 €
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3,47 €
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