Tornillo prisionero Negro, un solo color Acero Juego de vasos hexagonales M4 x 6mm

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Tornillos de cabeza hueca con rosca métrica

RS PRO range of hexagon grub screws features excellent capabilities within machine repair and fixing applications. Grub screws have no head (also known as headless or blind) and it is simply a threaded fastener to secure an object within another. They are generally used in tight areas where you do not want the head sticking out, or a little bit countersunk from the top of the material so nothing can hit it and interfere with the operation of the application. You tighten or undo them, using an Allen key or a hex key. They can have various tip point types which include:
Cup point – concave tip, most commonly used
Flat point – used for frequent resetting or relocating, simple and cost-effective
Cone point – pointed tip, designed for a more permanent installation, highest holding capability due to the precise contact of the cone point
Half Dog point – the tip is cylindrical

Features and Benefits:

Various thread sizes available, including M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10
Manufactured from steel
Colour: Black
DIN 916 – Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
Grade 14.9

Typical Applications include:

Although uses may vary, as standard, these screws are fasteners for industrial equipment or machines which requires parts to be fixed onto a surface or together. The socket will need to be the same metric thread as the screw itself. As an example, some of the types of uses would be:
• Fasteners and fixings
• Machine tooling and repair
• Security guarding
• Electronic applications
• Automotive industry

What is a socket screw?

Socket screws are defined by their name. They are a type of threaded bolt which screws into the intended socket. There are various thread sizes and lengths and can be used for both industrial and personal purposes. Good quality and reliable RS PRO socket screws ensure the fixing will remain strong and stable, whatever the application.

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Longitud 6mm
Tamaño de la Rosca M4
Material Acero
Acabado Negro, Un solo color
Forma del Cabezal Juego de vasos hexagonales
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