Actuador lineal SKF, Husillo, 150mm/s, Recorrido de 100mm

  • Código RS 880-2090
  • Nº ref. fabric. CASM-32-BS-0100-AM
  • Fabricante SKF
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Certificado de conformidad RoHS
COO (País de Origen): CH
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SKF CASM Electric Cylinders with Brushless DC Motors

The CASM is a linear unit made of high grade material designed to withstand even the hardest conditions. This linear unit is available with ball screws, in different sizes and stroke lengths to fit a wide range of applications. Coupled with a motor, the CASM becomes an electromechanical device.
A feature of the CASM is its sealing system composed of seals providing IP54S protection, and a sintered filter compensating for pressure differences.

SKF offers diverse attachment options and several motor adapters (axial or parallel mount) to connect the motor of your choice. Such an advantage reduces the design and programming costs.

Whether your application requires high speed, heavy lifting or precision, CASM is the solution to meet your needs.

Features and Benefits

• Easy integration and fast assembly
• Multi-option modular system
• Highly energy efficient
• Highest levels of precision and repeatability
• Compact size
• Integrated motion controller
• Programmable with drive assistant
• PLC interface
• Integrated brake
• Lubricated for life
• Built-in encoders
• High-quality ball screws

Product Application Information

Electromechanical systems have a higher efficiency, and can be used to replace pneumatic systems. Parameterise the cylinder by using the SKF Drive Assistant software and benefit from variable speed, high positioning accuracy, high force and long lifetime. The highly efficient electric cylinder helps to increase productivity with less energy consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions.
After the parameterisation, the DC powered cylinder can be operated independently by PLC or switches. The motion controller is already built in.
The electromechanical solution offers many benefits such as tremendous energy savings, less contamination, noise and maintenance. Therefore, using an electromechanical solution leads to important cost savings and makes it a better choice for most applications.

• Robots
• Handling machines
• Packaging
• Sorting systems
• Cutting machines

CASM Calculation Tool

A CASM calculation tool is also available at



Actuadores SKF Easy 3, CARE 33, MATRIX, CASM y CAHB

Diseño compacto
Protección contra sobrecarga
Varias longitudes de recorrido y movimiento de cargas hasta 50 kg
Ideal para apertura y cierre de puertas, portezuelas y ventanas que no se encuentran al alcance de la mano
Puede funcionar sin interruptores de seguridad


Atributo Valor
Aceleración Máxima 6m/s²
Velocidad Máxima 150mm/s
Máxima Longitud de Recorrido 100mm
Tipo de Actuación Husillo
Serie CASM-32
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