Carril DIN Phoenix Contact 1207695, En U, Plano, long. 1.155m, anch. 35mm, alt. 15mm

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COO (País de Origen): DE
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The Phoenix Contact range of steel, NS 35 DIN Rails are designed to be used for mounting various electrical and industrial equipment. The DIN Rails are manufactured from cold rolled steel which is then zinc coated and clear passivated. This ensures its strength and corrosion proof properties. Available in various lengths and slotted and un-slotted (perforated) profiles for easy attachment and wiring.

Cumple con el estándar europeo EN 60715
Alto nivel de precisión dimensional
Material: acero chapado en zinc

What is DIN Rail?

DIN Rail is a metal rail used to mount electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components in control cabinets, enclosures racks and panels. DIN Rail is manufactured to conform to a specific set of standards outlined by the Deutsch Institute von Normen (DIN). Due to the uniform profile, it ensures components can be sourced from several different manufacturers and suppliers, safe in the knowledge all products can be mounted on the same rail.

Why should you use Phoenix Contact Top Hat DIN Rail?

Using the Phoenix Contact DIN rail enables you to mount your electrical components safely and securely. It provides a central location where wiring can be connected and maintained quickly and efficiently.
Saves space – DIN rail terminals and smaller DIN mounted components can be packed into smaller spaces.
Saves time - DIN mounted components easily slide or snap onto the rail. Relays, timers, circuit breakers and similar products can also be mounted into compatible bases for rapid connection.
Saves money – DIN rail provides a cost-effective solution as it allows for a higher density of component mounting, which reduces wiring cost and enclosure space.

Features and Benefits

• Industry standard symmetrical rails
• High level of dimensional accuracy
• Slotted and un-slotted variations
• Lengths available from 755mm to 2m
• Conforms to EN60715 European standards

Typical Applications

The NS35 DIN rail is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Some of the most common are

• DIN rail terminal blocks
• Power supplies
• Plug in relays
• Timer modules
• Panel meters
• I/O devices
• Robotics
• Automation and control devices


DIN 607015

NS 35/15 PERF 1155mm- 1207695

Un carril DIN perforado de 1155 mm, plata, tiene una altura de 15 mm y está diseñado para una anchura/profundidad de armario de 1,2 m.

Atributo Valor
Compatibilidad En U
Longitud 1.155m
Anchura 35mm
Altura 15mm
Tipo de Carril DIN Plano
Material Acero
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16 Disponible para entrega en 24/48 horas
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